1973 Porsche RSR (12/13/00) Day 3

Day three: Now that the car is stripped to the tub the tub, as well as the other components have to be stripped to the core for a more detailed inspection.

A "Gunnar Gang Bang" in progress. It takes a lot of elbow grease
to get a car stripped down to the raw metal. As you can see,
the team is making steady progress.


Gunnar Racing's rising star driver, Gunnar Jeanette, earning
his keep and paying his dues. Many drivers learn about
cars by hands on experience.


Tyson, Gunnar's school mate from UCF giving a helping hand. As you
can see, not only the chassis is being stripped down to the core.
Every piece of the car has to be stripped down to the core and
carefully inspected. Tyson is working on the suspension.


The different components are identified and grouped. Each
group is carefully bagged so they can be sent to be plated.


Two RSR motors. The one on the right is a Camel GT
RSR motor that is ready to be refreshed.


In examining the steering link, it was apparent that it
was 90 degrees our of phase...that can't be right?


Just like a team of archeologist, Team Gunnar is delving
into the history of the car. The yellow paint is more
evidence of the cars past.

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