1973 RS Carrera


This is the last of the bead blasted parts ready for final paint.

Back to assembly, the engine control unit is installed.

The rear suspension is being installed. The left side.

The right side.

Ryan is sand blasting the metal bumper brackets.

The front hood is block sanded and ready for wet on wet grand prix white (wet on wet means we prime it in white urethane primer and wait one hour and without sanding go right to final grand prix white paint).

The deck lid will be stripped of decals, sanded, and painted white.

Mechanically the car is finished and will be taped off to paint the shell.

It was easier to paint the car (even though the paint job that was on the car was about an 85) while the car was still disassembled.

The base primer coat has been painted and in less than an hour it will be painted grand prix white.




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