Crash Repair 904-006

While the car is upside down we will finish the inside cockpit panels.

The edge of the floor board has been ground down in order to receive the new floor panel.

Here the panel is glued in place. Next, we will fill in the a pillar apron.

A cheerio's bowl was used for the headlight cover inside the front fender. We will cut this out and reshape the panel to receive original headlight covers.

The front cooler cover is now fit and the oil cooler will be fit next.

All of the matt pieces are cut for the final gluing of the inside fender wells and underneath the trunk area. It is easiest to glue in the trunk while it is upside down.

We will use black pigment in the resin inside the fender wells.

Almost ready for primer.

Now primed in black urethane.

Kevin is sanding the inner wheel wells for primer.

The bottom is primed including the wheel wells, which we used black primer on to make chips not so apparent

Jack has inserted the trunk structure and it will be fit to the car when we turn it over Thursday morning.

All cleko clamped together.

Jack is making the hood brace mold and the tail duct molds at the same time.

The mold is now finished.

The mold is on the left and the original is on the right. It will be fit to the car Thursday.

The molds are finished and parts will be made Thursday.

In the fab shop Mark has been finishing the new fuel cell housing, because the old one took a pretty big shot from the armco barrier.



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