August 1, 2003

If you remember, 067 was stripped and painted for the previous owner, but it wasn't finished in the engine bay or underneath the car.

These pictures show the bent up lower structure (too many floor jacks).

The center support will be removed and replaced with new.

The steel beam above the master cylinder is not original and will have to be cut out to get the steering rack out of the car.

All the fender wells will be refinished.

All the mechanical parts will be rebuilt.

The floor will be repaired and repainted silver.

Because the inside has a new headliner, it is covered to protect it. The picture on the right shows a screw driver that was inserted into a brake line. Look what it pulled out! Bad stuff!!

The master cylinder needs to be replaced and the wiring will be cleaned and detailed.

The pedals have been removed and will be rebuilt.

This is the pedal area upside down and more stuff from the brake line.

Headlight caps and the horn have been removed so the finish work can be done on the fenders.

Mark is cutting the center structure from the car.


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