November 18, 2005

Remember, I said more than once through the yearss that when the headlights go in, we're getting close. The headlights are about to be installed after the final camloc fit on the cooler cover (front hood).

I mounted the headlights, now Andy will restore them and I will start fitting the last piece of plastic, the windshield. Dale Miller has had glass windshields re-made and we will probably purchase one, but the car is a lot safer with the light-weight plastic windshield.

Cutting to fit is a no-no because of cracks, so I grind the edges to the tape line with 36 grit roloc wheels.

Now Andy disassembles the pre-fit headlights. Man...these things are rare!

In fact...I paid about $3000. for the few missing pieces I needed to finish these headlights. The few parts were just some special clips which retain the chrome headlight bezel.

I could fake the parts, but it's worth it to find the real deal.

These are original and with a lot of elbow grease and cleaner-polish, these babies will look as good as new.

This is the magic stuff that we use on chrome.


The finished product awaits the headlight covers, which is the last thing I will do before driving the car in its maiden test.

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