June 18, 2004

There are two types of mounts to hold the rear caliper to the upright. The 904 upright can be altered for a 906 and visa versa. The only difference is the mounting bracket. In these pictures you can see the difference between the two.

We restored all of them so it was easy to show you the difference.

These are the original aluminum rear calipers. 904 were made of cast iron.

The other aluminum calipers are Carrera type, which we use on all 906's. The original calipers aren't up to today's standards for racing. Besides, these are the calipers that came with the car.

After a caliper sits for 30 years, sometimes it's a little tough to get the pistons out. Andy puts wood spacers between the pistons and sometimes uses up to 400 psi of nitrogen to blow the pistons out.

After the pistons are removed, the caliper housings are cleaned with carburetor cleaner, media blasted and re-coated.

Here, Andy has restored all the pieces. Cross over pipes, seals, and pistons can still be purchased new from Porsche. Note the tube of rubber grease. This is a product made by ATE for assembly of brake components.

After plating, they look better than new.

The special order bearings are now showing up and Andy will install them using Kluber grease. The picture on the right shows Andy pressing the bearings into the control arm with a regular 3" bench vise.

These bearings are also installed in the lower uprights. These are the aluminum ferrels and nuts that have been re-machined and polished to accept new yellow anodize.

Painting is still going on, but nearing the end. These are the front uprights, some steering pieces and brackets.

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