October 24, 2002

We finally got pictures of 906-(whatever serial # it is), from 81 year old Pitty Block. The pictures, as he remembers, are as the car had been raced for some time.

Note: the front fender air exit at the rear of the fender well .

In this picture you can see where the cutout was re-glassed by Scott Flanders, who was the second owner of the car. Tom Stegman bought the car from Scott.

The rear flare appears to be in the old picture. The flare was added after the car had been painted various colors including yellow and green. The fiberglass is laid up right on top of the old paint, which means the flare was added after many races??

Here is a better detailed shot.

If any of you see a picture of a C-6 entered by the Porsche system in 1966 with tail fins, please let us know! We don't know when these tail fins were applied.

This is Pitty Block looking at the normally aspirated engine. Pitty says the car was raced by Porsche and some guy named Hans drove it. Note: the fuel make-up tank, this is an indication of an injected engined car (E).

We still don't know much about this car while it was at Porsche, including the serial #. But, as you can see in this picture, the best clue we have (outside of all the titanium bits and the double round headlights), is the make-up tank. THE CAR WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD A MAKE-UP TANK UNLESS IT WAS INJECTED AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. Pitty said the car would not come with an injected engine, they would only sell it with a carbureted engine.

Our HUGE THANKS to Henry Bradley, who is a long time friend of Pitty's and received these photos from him days ago. These pictures fill in another part of the puzzle. Pitty isn't young anymore, but luckily is in good health (he surfs regularly at his resort in Peru). Because some of these owners and drivers from the 60's are leaving our earth, we need to get all the information on all our racing Porsches while we can. Thank you Pitty and Henry!

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