July 29, 2003

Laying out the front camlocks (cooler cover).

The factory long noses had six camlocks, but the customer cars only had four.

Camlocks are used in the aircraft industry. They are one of the best fastening systems used, even
in 1966.

The current camlocks are exactly the same as the 1960's types.

Andy has cut and fit the rear window. We had a pattern from other 906 jobs.

These are the German sheet metal screw receivers. They could be purchased in any good German hardware store. They are still available today from a number of German hardware distributors.

If the roll bar looks a little offset, it's because that is how it was installed about 100 years ago. Some things you just don't mess with (it's a character thing).

Fine tuning. We also now call Andy, Silverhead.

It's so new it looks invisible!

Is it or isn't it???

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