935 Update
Today all three cars have been attended to.

Andy and Gunnar took on the tough job of tackling a leaky fuel system on the Swap Shop car. The fuel pumps and most of the lines are tucked underneath the dash on the passenger side of the car... not exactly the most comfortable spot to work in.

Here Andy tests a fuel pump to see if it leaks before putting it in the car.

The battery in the Swap Shop car sits in the front just next to the fuel cell and fire bottle. It was replaced today by something that might actually turn the car over.

The fuel cell was replaced in the JLP car and is now back in and functioning. Here is a photo from when it was out of the car.

The gearbox sits just behind the driver and with the removal of a few panels the gears can be changed from inside the car. As Martin found out today this wasn't as easy as it sounded.

Andy is underneath the Interscope car doing a leak-down test and also changing a bad guibo.

What is a guibo you ask; well I'm glad you asked. (By the way it's pronounced Weebo.) The guibo is what you see above. It's made our of rubber and goes sort of in the middle of the axel and absorbs a good amount of the shock from the tremendous horsepower of the car.

Now here is the guibo, or doughnut as it's otherwise known, out of Jay's Interscope 935. The arrows are pointing to very large cracks which are induced from time and driving. You can really see what kind of force it would take to break a solid piece of rubber like this.

More next week!

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