Interscope Racing 935
October 6, 2003

All the extinguisher hardware is painted and installed.
We will install the fire bottles when we get the stickers.

The cables have been rebuilt.

Other little doo dads get the resto treatment too.

The picture on the right puzzled me because I didn't know what it was.
I had to look twice at the photo to figure out that it was the transmission cooler, duh!

The cooler has been cleaned and now we are straightening the air fins.

Ready to install.

Now it is installed.

We had rebuilt the gearbox not that many race hours ago, but we opened it up to check the ring and pinion and the gear stack. Everybody looks great, so new seals, new oil, and back together.

Martin is cleaning the engine for detail and installation.

You have to be careful not to squirt water in the wrong spots.
We will try to start this engine by the end of the week.

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