January 20, 2011

More disassembly.

Here's Andy's great looking hands again. He's marking the ignition switches so we know where they go on reassembly.

This takes a while but Andy loves it. He's pretty good at it at this point. This is Andy's 7th or 8th 917 wire job.

The car is now disassembled mechanically and Bret is cleaning the chassis and body from years of use.

Now I'm putting Humpty Dumpty back together from the crash.

I will do all of the repair work while it's still connected to the chassis.

Even though the chassis might be a little bent it will not affect the index of the body repair.

Whenever you see green tape it's either a release agent or it's holding the broken mess together before the re-glass.

This is the fender and I'm holding what was left of it.

Luckily the pieces were saved because it does help in putting Humpty back together.

See, look at that!

It's so simple, anyone can do it...

Ready for filler.

Here's another piece of the inside wheel arch. I only know this because it's gray.

This is the missing piece that I have to grind to get the paint off because you can't do fiberglass repair over paint.

I will now tape the ground up piece back into the hole and then start the repair.

It was pretty broken up as you see where the green tape is. There's no structure left in that area so I have to make it.

Here's the rough draft of the crashed fender.

The structure been re-glassed here.

The tape is holding the edge to the right radius. These repairs are all done in steps. This is about step #4.

Wow! Doesn't even look like it was ever crashed.

The body is just about ready to take off the car now.

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