RATT RSR Project
September 12, 2003

We've been working on the RATT, but not able to update as often as the owner would like. Here, John is sanding the primer with 320 grit paper for final paint.

Andy is pointing to a spot Mike has missed. Final paint applied!

One picture shows final paint on the bottom and the other picture we can't tell what Andy's doing. Is the picture right side up or upside down?

It's impossible to paint all the satin black in one shot. You have to paint sections and then mask off what you've already painted and then do it again.

But you end up with no over spray and best of all....you can concentrate on the area you're painting because you could get lost and not cover all the nooks and crannies with nice wet paint.

Andy is rebuilding all the mechanical parts ...fresh paint, fresh plating, and fresh grease.

Detail pictures to enjoy.

The pedals have been installed and now we will rebuild the 935 type struts.

Andy does the detail work and I do the painting.

Andy does the detail work and Mark drills the holes.

The holes are for 935 style warning lights (low fuel, alternator, oil pressure, and fan).

More paint work and brake rebuilding.

This car ran 1980 style 930 calipers.

The struts have been installed minus the springs. The brake assembly is getting plumbed saturday.

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