RATT RSR Project
September 15, 2003

Rebuilding the RATT 930 brakes included ordering some new bits.
One piston was scored and the cross over pipes and the seals are all new.

We need a little depth in the spring department for track set-up, so we painted two sets.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Lightweight detail is always an issue. These are the aluminum mounts for the brake and clutch lines.

The car came with hubs, but they just weren't nice enough, so I bought new front hubs from Jim Torres.

Rear suspension is re plated, assembled, and will be tightened after alignment.

The rear beam we used as a mock is a twin turbo 935 mount, but in my stash of goodies, I found a factory, super trick aluminum mount. This will save one third the weight and add 110% of cool factor.

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