October 3, 2003

Here I am making the inside fender edge. The strap I am holding was fabricated on the bench. It consists of one mat & one cloth. It is then held into the radius and body filler holds it to the fender.

After the filler cures, it is ground off on the outside, then it is glassed on the inside.

In between body work, I am painting all of the parts Martin has been fabricating.

The fenders are now ready for primer, but before paint, I re install the fenders with clecos
and mark the outside edge to get a reference of index.

Then, I remove the fenders and do my Picasso thing to get a trim line.

I use the buzz saw to cut the existing fender away.

Then, I grind the edge so the fender will be at the same height when installed.

The grinding also makes the perfect surface for epoxy cabosil to stick to. Just before priming,
I grind the inside of the fenders to accept a layer of mat and cloth.

After the fenders were primed, I skinned the inside, which gives it added strength and the cloth texture to match the rest of the quarter panel.

Black pigment is used here and you know why!

Martin and Andy are pushing the RATT into the booth because by Sunday,
she should be ready for final paint.

The fenders are installed and still fit perfectly. They'll be glued in the morning

Martin has installed the fuel pump and brake reservoir brackets and the oil tank,
with a little help from Mark, the fabbie.

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