December 2, 2003

After we glued the outside, Jack cuts the excess away and lays a bead of glass on the inside,
bonding the two parts from end to end.

After the outside is ground to match, body filler is applied.

While Jack and I are doing the bodywork on the nose, Martin and Mark are making the special hardware to mount the rear tail.

The rear pit pins had to be installed on the cross beam, but only after the tail was in index with the front deck lid stays.

When the deck lid works perfectly, Mark welds the base bracket in place.

Back to the nose. I am talking to the owner while I am sanding.

In the booth, ready for paint. Martin is now making the bracket for the cd's.

Finally, we got some primer on the nose.
This will be refit to the car tomorrow to center the front hood so we can get it in primer.

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