December 9, 2002

This is the front windscreen. The glass is glued into a carbon fiber frame. As you can see, the window is taped off so duratech doesn't get on anything except the frame. We need to make a plug of the frame so it can be installed in the car. After the duratech, we'll laminate five layers of carbon fiber to make this frame.

Looks a little silly, but these are the foam blocks that will be shaped into the GT-1 roof. Note: the carbon fiber window frame has been attached to the side pod. Later we will cut a door into the side pod.

Here, you can get a better view of the foam.

We used one of the crashed doors from the Champion GT-1. As you can see, we shortened the doors, thus making the side pods stronger and the door lighter. This is how the GT-1 98' door worked.

Lots of shaping going on.

My surfboard making skills came in handy once again.

Right now I'm shaping the air intake. The opening is a lot smaller than the original GT-1 opening. Our intake will bring air to the intake plenum. The original GT-1 opening was a lot bigger because it brought air to the inner cooler.

Starting to take shape.

Doing this type of work is actually a lot of fun.

Here, I'm cutting the opening with a hack saw blade.

The opening only needs to be about 1/4 inch so the material can go inside.

A little more sanding and she'll be done.

Now, the laminating process begins. The black material is cabosil which fills in the joints from the different layers of foam.

Next, resin is brushed completely over the roof.

Next, the materials will be added.

The first layer is 3/4 oz. matt.

Looks pretty cool now!

Rear view.

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