December 12, 2002

Now that the roof has been fabricated, the center air duct will have to be made on the inside.

A shot from the front.

The center duct is now shaped and the tape is being used for a release agent.

Finished tape job. When the roof was made, the material was laid right on top of the foam to give it strength. I want the center duct to be removed because it's hollow.

I paint a black cabosil slurry on the tape before applying the material.

The matt material is applied first, then a layer of carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber gives it strength and looks cool too.

Now all the foam is removed on the rest of the roof, but I'll leave the foam in the center to keep rigidity.

The carbon part is trimmed and just sitting on the foam. The rest of the roof will be skinned with carbon just before installation.

A picture looking at the front.

Now you can see that the duct has been opened and we chose blue primer because the car will remain blue for the test. For the race, the car will be painted like the Swap Shop car that we won with 20 years ago (Preston thinks this will be cool).

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