RS Carrera Project

While we were off at LeMans, a good deal of the fabrication has been completed by Rene. The rusted piece of metal indicated by the arrow used to make up the red box, but it has been replaced by a new piece and is now uniform to the rest of the chassis.

Here the jack point is outlined. The old rusted pieces are sitting above.

The box here highlights a section of the floor that has been replaced, it was welded from the other side and the weld itself is still visible. After the weld has been ground down the floor will be metal finished and returned to perfect condition.

This is the opposite side of the piece of floor that was replaced, as you can see the weld seam is gone the floor is now in one piece.

The jack point on the other side of the car is now getting redone.

After the metal work is finished, the new running board will be welded into place.

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