February 8, 2006

Andy has got the reamers out and a good hammer.

That would mean...he's ready to install the left rear upright.

Now he can do this because we just got an order of new 904 suspension bolts. Needless to say, 068 and 090 had some of the wrong ones and some of the right ones were beyond repair.

Mark Schomann, our team engineer who resides in New York (the nice country part), gives Andy a hand during this
6-hands-needed assembly.

Like all of our suspensions, most often new parts are used.

This car will drive like a brand new car.

Looks pretty neat when they are all assembled.

Andy sets the protractor to check for castor.

Six thousand dollars later (not billed to the customers), I'm an idiot business man, but the car loves me because I keep throwing new parts at it. These are various sizes for all the suspension components for both 904's.

There are flan bloc spacers and heim joint-shock absorber spacers also.

These are made to the exact specification so they are virtually undectectable from original.

Andy will make these parts black before assembly. He will use phosphate, not oxide to color the hardware.

I had to remake the base universals for the steering rack because the existing ones were worn out and un-fixable. They are made to the exact specification as original.

You notice Andy safety wires all these bolts in the couplers, this is original to a 904.

I caught Andy laying down on the job. Here he is installing the steering rack. You can see that the new universal and guibo are installed and waiting for the steering column shaft. The next step will be installing the wire harness.

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