December 14, 2007

We blueprint all these windshield wiper parts for future projects.

As it ends up, we have enough NOS parts for both 068 and 119.

These are the finished parts for 090.

The good news is...040 loaned us a perfect original windshield wiper setup.

The even better news is that through 30 years of collecting this shit, I have enough parts, minus a few brackets, to make windshield wiper arms for 068, 090, and 119.

These parts are really rare. The picture on the right shows the inside fender headlight cover brackets. These little guys slide over the bottom of the covers you see in the picture below. They hold the caps in place.

More fender light covers and the gas cap for 068 ready for paint.

Here are various headlight covers and what they look like after 40 years of road rocks. These have been repaired, and what a great job in getting them to look original...NOT! But they did keep the headlights from breaking.

The wheels on the left are one more day away from final paint after 5 days of restoration. The wheels on the right are for 068 and have about a week's worth of work before they are finished in Porsche silver. The photo on the right shows what the wheels look like before media blasting.

The rivets hold the steel center to the aluminum rim. These are very special racing wheels, otherwise known as steel alloys.

These are the headlight brackets from 090. We are using them to make fixtures because 068 and 119 don't have them.

We have already made the straps for 068 and 119.
090 will get silver paint on the hood and doors next week. 068 will follow.

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