December 20, 2007

This is the brake line bracket, which holds both copper coated steel brake lines from the reservoirs to the master cylinders.

Here Bret is using his cute little forming tool and a wooden hammer to shape the little guys.

He's making enough for all three 904's.

A little bend here, a little tap there, and ready for the plater. We found these brackets painted, plated, and rusted, so we do one of the above every time we do a 904.

More shots...

and more shots.

The bracket on the right is the receiver for the gas tank strap. These always seem to disappear, so we're going to get Bret to make a 6 pack of them.

The art of having 904's at the shop at once, is that between all of them, we at least have one complete 904.

Each 904 has something the others don't.

Bret is now dropping the part into the 8mm radius die. This will make the hook part of the bracket. Here is the windshield wiper idle rod for 068.

These pictures show it repainted. The part was brand new from my stash of "oh so very important" parts.

Andy is making more of the brake lines. Here, we use an original one for the pattern. We don't have a means of applying the copper coating on the old lines, so we just get new line.

A little cutting, a little bending...Bingo!

Here are two doors for 068 and two for 090...now final painted on the inside. Next week, I will paint the final silver. The parts in picture on the right are not firecrackers, they are fuel pumps, which we can buy new these days. We have to change the fittings to metric, and put new stickers on that say "Bendix" (the Facet Company bought Bendix, so they are identical to the original Bendix pumps).

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