December 7, 2007

Seems that the accessories for these cars are in needy supply. You figure you have everything, but then you discover that most of everything you had is either mickey mouse or just the wrong part. So, I am constantly re-making parts for not only our restoration projects, but for the poor souls who have 904's and see these web updates to find out that their part doesn't look like the parts we're re-making. Here is the front hood being final fit before final paint. The picture on the right shows the defroster control rod that we had to re-make for two of our 904's.

This is the headlight backing cover. It goes in the inside of the fender well and protects the back of the headlight bulb. These have been replaced or altered because of the size of a different light bulb. The main cause for destruction is that the wheel kicks anything it can and damages this part. I had one good original cover so I finally made a set of molds to re-make the part.

This is red tooling gel applied to the mold, which was made from the above cover. The photo on the right shows the negative and positive mold, which has got black gel coat covering the surfaces.

The part is made with two layers of 3/4 oz. mat and one layer of the light ounce German weave cloth. This part was originally plastic, which is why they've all since disintegrated. With the two piece mold, the part is smooth on both sides, retaining the exact shape and surface as the original, but 20 times stronger. I guess I could have had injection molds made, but then the part would be plastic again and not as durable. Making the two piece mold is not a simple project, but after paint, no expert could tell the difference without a saw!

After the layers are laminated to each side...

the mold is squeezed in a vise, which will induce the perfect part.

Next project for 068 is to prime and paint the doors and hood and I'll be working on the engine and transmission.

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