April 22, 2003

Tuesday morning the "X" brace got a couple of coats of duratech.

Another view.

The tape has been pulled. Gosh we're good!!!

Now for the outside.

Upon grinding, we discovered a coat of blue paint.....Hmmmm!!

The paint was ground in more than one spot to show the complete hood was painted blue.

Blue under the hood latches.

So, here is the color layout: first- gel coat silver, second- red, third- silver, fourth- white, fifth- blue, sixth- white. The yellow you see is some sort of zinc primer just on the front, probably applied after a crash. The front of the hood was pretty cracked up, but remember I did all the fixing on the other side.
Note: I accidentally made the impression of Florida. I guess the red is Lake Okeechobee and the little blue above it must be Sebring.

I ground all the paint off the hood, did two small repairs, and gave her three coats of duratech.

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