Martini RSR Conversion

Above is Duramix Metal Panel Adhesive. This is used instead of welding in most modern cars including the GT3-R. We will use this to attach the quarter panels onto the unibody. This will allow us to keep the car much more original if a future owner should choose to change the car back to the Turbo form. Once heated to between 300°F & 400°F the glue softens and the quarter panel will be able to be removed.

The rear quarter panels are being attached, the arrows are pointing to the seam.

Here is the rear motor mount for the turbo engine. The rear apron fits right over this and will be welded around, essentially saving the mount for the turbo engine underneath.

To add a little detail the factory painted the door sill black, you can clearly see that they didn't want to remove the door stryker before spraying the paint.

Here is the other door sill after being sanded in preparation for primer. The yellowish base is actually the old white base coat from the factory.

The rear apron has been welded on.

The rear half of the car is ready to go in primer. The filler smoothes the seam between the unibody and the quarter panel. Originally the factory would have used lead to do this but it is very toxic not to mention very heavy and a lot more difficult.

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